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Anderleigh Quarry Complaints Resolutions

The Anderleigh Team prides itself on these three values; Family, Community & Environment. We believe we must live the values, morals and beliefs we hold by continuously embracing and creating Safe, Supportive & Sustainable frameworks to undertake an active hands on role in shaping the direction of the country in which we live.

We at all times choose to maintain open lines of communication with Our Community. I am confident that you will find us approachable and above all willing to listen to and act on any concern brought to us. Read more about Our Open Door Policy and Complaints Handling Process.

Kind regards, 

The Anderleigh Team

How to Make a Complaint

In the first instance we would strongly encourage you to speak with our Quarry Manager, David Peacock. He would have given you a Contact Anderleigh Quarry card for safe keeping. His Open Door Policy ensures that you will be listened to in a safe environment and supported through to a mutual resolution. His details can be found below.

If you are unable to contact David or would prefer to remain anonymous, please use the Contact Anderleigh feature below. You do not have to leave your name or contact details, however, we would encourage you to do so to enable us to address your concern fully and advise you of the outcome. 

Contact Anderleigh Quarry

The following details will help us investigate your complaint and provide you with a response. You can make an anonymous complaint but we won’t be able to provide you with a response.

Please include as much relevant information as possible including dates, times, persons and events. 


Contact Number

Email Address*

Describe your Complaint. Please provide sufficient details to enable us to action/investigate it.*

Have you discussed your concern with the Quarry Manager?*


What do you believe should happen to resolve your complaint?

Quarry Manager, David Peacock

Phone: 0434 050 848 | 24 Hours | 7 Days

Visit: 270 Sorensons Road, Gunalda QLD 4570

Personal Email:


Open Door Policy

Anderleigh Quarry Complaints Handling Process

In the last instance if you feel that you have not been heard, or that there has been no improvement or solution to the problem you are experiencing, please feel free to contact the relevant administrative authority. This being Gympie Regional Council, the Department of Natural Resources & Mines and/or the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection. Either will be able to provide you with information and a where to from here.

Below are some links to some helpful information when someone near you is carrying on an Environmentally Relevant Activity.  

*Privacy Notice: In using this form you are providing personal information such as name and contact details. This information will be used for the purpose of responding to your enquiry and will only be accessed by persons who have been authorised to do so. Your personal information is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 

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