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Training and Employment

Training and Employment, Gympie, QLD

Anderleigh Quarry is a 132 acre property in the Gympie Region which offers Qualified Trainers and Operators for mentoring in the development of a variety of skills. Indigenous men and women are undergoing training and are encouraged to achieve and exceed competencies to acquire skills and practical experience that can be used to gain long term employment opportunities in Queensland and Australia wide in areas of IT, Accounting and other office fundamentals, Workplace Health & Safety, Heavy Machinery Operation & Quarry Management.

Anderleigh Quarry has formed relationships with stakeholders from local, state and federal government agencies, Industry shareholders, community members and Elders with the aim to promote and encourage indigenous people to participate in meaningful training and employment packages tailored specifically for the Mining, Civil and Construction Industry.

Our focus is delivering quality nationally recognised industry accredited training with positive mainstream employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians. We achieve this and meet each customer’s specific needs by implementing VTEC principles, a range of ISO accredited management systems, and chosen a management and operations team with extensive industry experience at senior management level and the coal face to deliver our training packages with quality assurance and confidence in the assertion that “Nothing is ticked or flicked, and everyone meets standard!”

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